بخار الدخان متجر و cbd charlotte نورث كارولاينا

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CBD Charlotte´s Angel

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CBD Charlotte’s Angel Feminized Cannabis Seeds by Dutch Passion Seeds: Charlotte’s Angel is a sativa dominant variety with high CBD levels, 10 to 16% and low THC levels, always below 1%.

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CBD Charlotte's Angel was Dutch Passion's first high CBD strain that contains little to no THC. CBD growers and medical growers were pleased to see a strain with all the medical cannabis benefits, but without the high.

CBD Charlotte’s Angel by Dutch Passion has up to 16% CBD, but less than 1% THC. This makes her a perfect medicinal strain to grow in 2018 and beyond! CBD Charlotte´s Angel Charlotte's Web extract oils are rich in proprietary Charlotte's Web cannabinoids which are packed with naturally occurring antioxidants and neuroprotectants.